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African Lodges/Selling Travel/November 2018
Africa’s Wildlife Lodges

9 Spookiest Tours/Weather2Travel.com/October 2018
9 of the World’s Spookiest Tours

Small But Mighty: Wells/loveexploring.com/August 2018
Top Things To Do In Wells

Wells Cathedral
Wells Cathedral

8 Things to Know Before You Go: Zimbabwe/Metro/May 2018
8 Things to Know Before You Go to Zimbabwe

At Your Service: America’s Home of Tennis/Sunday People/July 2018

At Your Service: Tennis Hall of Fame
At Your Service: Tennis Hall of Fame


Martin Luther King Jr. Anniversary/The Independent/April 2018
10 best Civil Rights Sites to visit in Alabama

Alabama Southern Adventure/Woman’s Weekly/May 2018
Alabama Southern Adventure 

The Heart of Dixie: Alabama/Selling Travel/May 2018
Heart of Dixie: Alabama

Essentially America/America’s Top Gateways/April 2018

Essentially America/Deep South Beaches/April 2018

8 Things to do in Nashville/Weather2Travel.com/April 2018
8 Unexpected Things to do in Nashville

Life is a ‘Cubaret’/Sunday People/November 2017
The People_17-12-2017_First_p37

Review of Ayerawaddy Belmond River Cruise/Travel Age West/July 2017
Review of Belmond’s River Cruise Ship Orcaella

Destination Cuba/People’s Friend/April 2017
Destination Cuba

Where the Wild Things Are/Woman/June 2017

Woman Magazine - Where the Wild Things Are
Woman Magazine – Where the Wild Things Are

Celebrate the Summer of Love/Loveexploring.com/May 2017
Celebrate the Summer of Love in San Francisco

Re-live the Summer of Love/Weather2Travel.com/May 2017
Where to Relive the Summer of Love in San Francisco

Singing on a Mediterranean Cruise/Daily Mail/February 2017
A Mediterranean Cruise That’s Right on Song

Review of Tour of Uzbekistan/The Daily Telegraph/June 2016
Tour of Uzbekistan

Review of Portugal Tour/Daily Telegraph/September 2016
Tour of Portugal

8 Unusual Things to do in Ontario, Canada/Rough Guides/June 2016
8 Unusual Things to do in Ontario, Canada

A guide to Los Angeles /Weather2Travel.com/June 2016
Los Angeles for Beginners

All Hail the American Queen/Daily Mail/May 2015
All Hail The American Queen

Review of Infant Don Henrique on the Duoro River/Travel Age West/April 2015
River Cruise on the Duoro River Portugal

8 Off the Beaten Track Experiences in Gambia/Rough Guides/October 2015
8 Things to do in The Gambia

You’ll Never Sail Alone/TTG/April 2015/pg.43
You’ll Never Sail Alone

Top 5 Things to do in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park/Travel Age West/September 2014
Top 5 Things To Do: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Sea Otters of Monterey Bay/JustAboutTravel/May2014
Sea Otters of Monterey Bay

Ships That Give a Taste of Their Destination/Daily Telegraph/March 2014
Ships That Give a Taste of their Destination

Icelandic Dreams/JustAboutTravel/March 2014
Icelandic Dreams

Girls on Safari/Huffington Post/August 2013
Girls on Safari